During my second year at University, we were asked to design a map and a corresponding wayfinding sign system for an event or location that reflected the identity of the 'client' with an emphasis placed more on how we go about communicating an idea and identity in a printed format.
From my own experience of Badminton Horse Trials, I knew that it was a vast location with large spectator crowds and relatively little directional assistance, plus the maps designed and placed in the programmes were good but overcrowded with information.

My first task involved tidying these maps up, paring down the information so it only included the essentials. I then set about designing a signage system that helped direct spectators around the course, how to find specific exhibitors in the tradestand area as well as tying in a new system that helped them find their way back to their cars.
To tie it into the identity, I used the graphic language of the sport itself. The red and white flags are used in any jumping event to advise riders which way around to jump a fence, this is common knowledge to those attending. The flags are also designed to appear similar to jump wings, using flowers as decoration. The logos I designed individually reflect the heritage of the event, its' traditional British nature and values.