‘Aprons and Silver Spoons’ by Mollie Moran

11 May, 2013 by Victoria Love

Penguin, 2013.

Aprons and Silver Spoons - Mollie Moran, 2013.

Fig. v – Aprons and Silver Spoons – Mollie Moran, 2013. ( www.penguin.co.uk)

This book recounts the true life experiences and memories of a scullery maid in London in the 1930s. Released in April 2013, it capitalises on the popularity of the ITV drama, Downton Abbey, which is set in the Edwardian era. The cover of this book fits with the same idealised notions of housemaids at work, as seen in the show.

Given the memories of Mollie Moran are from the 1930s and onward, this cover misrepresents the content in my opinion by appearing Edwardian. The chosen typeface is a classic serif with large, decorative ‘swash’ capitals, which is vastly different from the typefaces developed in the 1930s, which were highly modern sans-serifs.

The design, as a whole, seems unimaginative and does no justice to the content, but is rather a hackneyed attempt to capitalise on the interest in a television drama, rather than reflect the era in which the book is set.

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