‘The Age Atomic’ by Adam Christopher

11 May, 2013 by Victoria Love

'The Age Atomic' - Adam Christopher, 2013.

Fig. W – ‘The Age Atomic’ – Adam Christopher, 2013. ( www.adamchristopher.co.uk)

This book cover, by nature of its content is highly reminiscent of the 1950s ‘space race’. Nuclear power had been harnessed at the beginning of the decade and Russia had launched the ‘Sputnik’ satellite, s o there was a social fascination with everything ‘futuristic’. The connotations of nuclear and ‘atomic’ are clearly represented by the sickly, neon green colour. Incidentally, the neon globe in the centre, coupled with the stylised ‘hazmat’ suited figure engenders feelings of unease and represents the dystopian, alternate universe in which the novel is set.

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