This site was designed for my 'Major Project' during the final year of my degree at Anglia Ruskin University. I wanted to explore the of using as website as a medium, rather than a function and use it to create a user experience.

The aim of Sixty Seconds is to provide the user with an interactive site which they can immerse themselves into and use it as a method of relaxation. I did a research survey to find out what sounds, sights and colours people find calming and from this information I set about recording sixteen videos, each a minute in length. The idea being that the end user could explore this aesthetically calming website, listening and immersing themselves into these videos and sounds if they just needed a short burst of relaxation.

Additionally, for each video I found a corresponding quote which I hoped would offer a fresh perspective to the user and perhaps offer a small totem of wisdom which they could apply into their own ives.

The result is a website I am inordinately proud of and one which taught me so much in its creation, including the use of jQuery in a design. The scrolling effect is what takes the interactive experience into another dimension and helps reinforce the sense of calm I was trying to envoke. My illustration skills improved immensely and I developed a monochromatic style which I adore even now.

I hope you will take Sixty Seconds to visit the site and experience it for yourself.

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