Superfoodio make innovative plant-based snacks that are revolutionising the nut butter world. The founders approached me looking for branding, packaging design and overall creative direction for their exciting vegan confectionery product – Peanut Butter Chunky Buttons.
Superfoodio needed to stand out in a sea of plant-based health snacks. The concept itself was a familiar offering (peanut butter) but supplied in a unique format (solid buttons). This was its greatest USP – convenient snacking for the peanut butter lover. Finally, you could carry peanut butter around in your pocket without the mess!     
In my approach to the designs, I took advantage of consumer familiarity and used recognisable PB visual cues – a chunky jar, a stripy lid, a warm golden-brown combined with bold primary colours. The end result was a playful take on a ‘grabbable’ jar of peanut butter to munch on-the-go. 

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